You will need to apply for a Residence Permit for PUPILS (Aufenthaltsbewilligung "Schüler”) as the legal status of IBS in Austria requires this type of permit.

Please note that due to the type of residence permit you need to apply for, there are some restrictions that you need to consider:

  • your family members are not allowed to apply for a dependent visa to Austria.
  • you must secure a job BEFORE your pupil permit expires as you cannot stay back in Austria.
  • you are not entitled to a student discount on means of public transportation, so we suggest you buy an annual pass valid for a WHOLE YEAR, which is the cheapest way to get around in the city.
  • work in Austria:
    a.) during your studies you can work up to 20 hours per week (for further details please check this website:
    b.) after graduation you can apply for the following types of work and residence permits:
    RWR Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations
    RWR Card Other Key Workers
    RWR Card for Very Highly Qualified Workers
    EU Blue Card
    (The application process for RWR cards involves a point-based system and takes up to 8 weeks.)

For the residence permit application to Austria you will need the following documents:

  • Fully completed and signed application form for a residence permit for pupils (Aufenthaltsbewilligung "Schüler”). 
  • Recent colour photograph, size between 3.5 x 4.5 cm and 4.0 x 5.0 cm,
  • Valid passport, copy of all passport pages, passport photo not older than 6 months on the day of application
  • Translated and legalized birth certificate,
  • Notification of admission of IBS (issued after IBS receives your payment),
  • Proof of sufficient financial means (bank account statement + documents about the origin of these funds), which means you must have stable and regular income. The level of income must be in line with the reference rates laid down in Austrian law, taking into account running costs such as rent, loans or similar. Please find more details here.
    The funds must be available at the time of the collection of the residence permit and it is highly recommended that the money gets transferred to an Austrian bank account.
  • Proof of accommodation in Austria: e.g. accommodation contract of a student hall of residence,
  • Proof of a private health insurance that covers all risks and starts about 2-3 months after the embassy appointment. Please find a  list of approved insurance providers by MA35 on this link.
  • Translated and legalized criminal record not older than 3 months on the day of the application.
  • By law, the authorities in Austria always have the right to request additional documents during the application process.

All documents (except passport) should be first legalized (in some countries it is done only with an apostille in the form of a seal, in other countries first by the regional office, then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by the Austrian Consulate). All documents must be translated to German with an official translation. Please enclose the original documents with a photocopy, and also a copy of the legalised translation and the legalisation. The application process is at least 3 months, so please start it as early as possible.

As the application requirements can vary in each country, please contact the nearest Austrian Consulate for an exact list of requirements!

If your residence permit is granted, you will need to apply for a type D visa at the Austrian Consulate that grants you one entry to Austria.