You can apply only online by completing our online application form and uploading your documents. Application is free of charge.

You will need to present your original documents upon enrolment before starting the semester. Please do not send any documents by regular mail to us!

How to apply?

When you fill in the online application form, please use the data in your official documents and upload the following documents in jpg or pdf (size should not exceed 500 kb):

  1. Bachelor’s degree certificate (if you acquire them after May 31, please upload your latest transcript), 
  2. your English language certificate if you have one (IELTS or TOEFL),
  3. your passport (only page with personal details and photo).

If you have any technical problems with uploading your documents, please email them to 

After submitting the online form, you will automatically receive an email that you will need to verify. Your application is complete now, we will get back to you by email soon!

Application deadline: 31 May 2019

Apply now! 

Application step-by-step

For EU cizitens: steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9.
For non-EU citizens: steps 0-9.

Step 0

Enquire about visa requirements at the nearest Austrian Consulate, you will apply for a pupil residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung - SCHÜLER), receive a type D visa valid for single entry to Austria and you will need to pick up your pupil residence permit within 30 days after arrival in Vienna, at the Municipal Department 35 (Magistratsabteilung MA35).

Step 1

Prepare documents required for IBS (Bachelor’s degree or transcript, its official English translation, passport, English language certificate if you have one). Non-EU applicants should prepare further documents required by the Austrian Consulate.

Step 2

Fill in the online application form of IBS and upload documents to the online form, press the SUBMIT button (in case of technical problem, contact

Step 3

Check the e-mail you receive automatically after submitting your application (if you do not get an e-mail after submitting your online application form, please write to

Step 4

If documents are accepted, MSc applicants will have to pass an Orientation Interview via Skype first, then they receive a Conditional Acceptance email that includes an invoice. Applicants residing in Vienna will take the IBS English test on the campus, non-EU citizens will take the English test upon arrival in Vienna.

Step 5

Proceed with payment (bank transfer only).

Step 6

After IBS receives the tuition and registration fees, non-EU citizens will receive our Visa Support Certificate and Letter sent by express courier (you pay for delivery with the tuition fee). EU citizens receive an Acceptance email.

Step 7

Contact the nearest Austrian Consulate and ask for a visa interview. Please note that IBS does not deal with visa application, it is your responsibility to get all information and apply for a residence permit for pupil. You will be an MSc student in Vienna, but the registration of IBS in Austria requires a permit for pupils (SCHÜLER), not for students (Studierende)! IBS is a ’Zertifizierte nichtschulische Bildungseinrichtung’ on the form.

Step 8

If visa is granted, please inform IBS about your arrival. If visa is refused, please e-mail official refusal ASAP to IBS so that we can refund your tuition fee (but NOT the registration fee).

Step 9

Do not forget to bring original documents, its official English translation, proof of payment and 2 ID photos with you for enrolment. IBS will inform you about the date of enrolment and some pre-course tasks in August by email.Non-EU citizens should also bring their birth certificates.

All students have to register with the registration office (Meldeservice im Magistratischem Bezirksamt) at the place of residence within 3 working days of arrival in Austria and also with the Viennese Immigration Office (Municipal Department 35). 

Apply now!